My Holiday Wish: A New Home for a Family

As a realtor, I am in the business of finding people their home. As we approach the holiday season, it is now my dream to gift a family their home, and I would love to count on your support to make this happen. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW.

Meet the Sanchez family. They live in El Crucero, a humble community in the outskirts of Managua, the capital.  El Crucero is known for its cold temperatures and often inhospitable terrain, as it seats on a ridge that weathers volcanic fumes from the Masaya Volcano.    


Melvin is a gardener and earns US$8 per day.  He has a family of four to support, that includes his wife Meyling and their four kids: Rosa Idalia (13), Axel Josue (11), Helena Gabriela (9) and Melvin de Jesus (4). 

The Sanchez family lives in precarious conditions, vulnerable to the weather and the conditions of the area. Their home is small, consisting of only two rooms, walls made of old roof materials: zinc and lead sheets and a damp and bare dirt floor. 

Main entrance

Main entrance

My dream is to be able to build a home that would offer better shelter and safer conditions for the family. We have the access to buying the materials and accessing the labor required to build a similar home such as this one below.


Our approximate budget is U$4,000 and my family is committed to matching the highest contribution.  I will be reporting back and every dollar will be accounted for. As a donor, you will receive a full report of how your contribution was used. The goal is to be able to complete the house in early 2019.

This is a very special cause and a way for you to directly impact the needy - especially, given the tumultuous situation in Nicaragua. I will be in Nicaragua next week and I would love to share the news and know that you will help.

Every year, when our family visits Nicaragua, we gather in the Crucero community church to share some fun, break a piñata and bring small gifts to the children in the community.  This year I need your help to make a bigger impact. 

You can access the Campaign and its progress HERE via Go Fund Me or check out and search for the Melvin Sanchez, A Home for a Nicaraguan family.

Thank you in advance for your help and thoughtfulness!