The Miami Herald reported earlier this year that the population in the South Florida area surpassed 6 million people (this includes Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties). Florida is the third fastest growing state only after California and Texas, with approximately 700 people moving to the state every day. There is no city or state tax, therefore, Florida and Miami specifically, have become popular destinations for people and families moving from New York and the Northeast.


Hola Miami!

Known as the gateway to Latin America, and a haven for foreigners looking to settle in a safer and more promising land filled with opportunities, Miami is home to people from around the world. It's colorful, culturally diverse and rich in flavors. A large part of the population speaks Spanish, and don't be intimidated by the fact that more often than not, someone will address you in Spanish.    

You will be able to sample the best food from all over the Americas and get access to the most authentic ingredient and flavors.

Important Factors to Consider Before Moving to Miami 

Prior to your move, I encourage you to research and acquire as much knowledge about the city and the Miami lifestyle. You should carefully evaluate the following factors before moving:

  • Location. How close do you want to your office / to the ocean / to your lifestyle area
  • Schools. Depending on budget and your desired destination this can often be a challenging variable. Not all public schools gardner outstanding ratings. Do your homework and ask the right questions.    
  • Traffic. It's become a major issue.
  • Local insight. To ensure a smooth transition, I encourage you to connect with local resources and ideally someone who can share their views/opinions about the city.
  • The Beach. It's beautiful, but somehow, as locals, we don't go as often.

The Basics

  • Miami-Dade County home to about 2.7 million residents
  • Area codes: 305 and 786
  • Major highways: 826 (Palmetto), 836 (Dolphin Expressway), I75, I95 and the Turnpike  
  • It's totally flat (bid farewell to hills and mountains)
  • Best weather: November - April 
  • Intense Humid Heat: June-August 
  • Hurricane Season: June 1 - November 30

Moving to Miami - Useful Resources and Links


  • Miami Dade County School Website
  • Magnet Schools - part of the Miami-Dade public education system, these are the top rated schools that offer open enrollment and feature competitive curriculums with focus on specific fields, abilities and interests.  
  • Charter Schools - another great option for affordable education. Small classes, competitive curriculum but privately managed  
  • Great Schools- national nonprofit organization that offers ranking, reviews and a grading system for schools
  • Niche - ranks schools by state, type, teachers, among others. Data in Florida may vary as reviews are not available for all schools.

Miami General Info 

  • Check out the website for the Greater Miami Visitors Bureau for general facts and basic info
  • Local communities and cities within Dade-County have their own dedicated websites. For example, here's the link to the City of Coral Gables

Culture / News / Happenings / Local Resources 

  • New Times - happenings, events, culture and community information. Weekly publication and online portal  
  • New Tropic - my favorite irreverent, ultra local source of information about the Miami community
  • Eater Miami - great website to find out the latest and hottest restaurants in town 
  • Look up forums and groups on Facebook (for example, Agenda Miami for Spanish-speaking moms or Miami Moms)    
  • Start networking with friends of friends. This is the only way to start building your own village.

#6 Most Important Global City

— Knight Frank Report, 2014-2015

#6 Best Beaches in America

— US News & World Report, 2015

Cleanest Air in the US.

— Readers' Digest, 2013

Real Estate in Miami has performed better than the stock market in the last few years
— Redfin & Future Advisor Research, 2016

The Colors of Miami 

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